Victorinox 8 Inch Swiss Classic Chef’s Knife with Granton Blade Review

The Victorinox 8 Inch Swiss Classic Chef’s Knife with Granton Blade can deal with virtually every kitchen task imaginable, with its extremely sharp edge as well as distinctive, ergonomic take care of, each cut is like cutting via butter.

We’ve selected the very best attributes derived from our rich commercial heritage and changed them to suit the home cook. The Victorinox 8 Inch Swiss Classic Chef’s Knife with Granton Blade collection provides a contemporary handle, influenced by our copyrighted Fibrox Pro line. Made to lessen wrist stress while giving a safe and secure grip, the contoured nylon deal with is both light-weight and resilient, making these blades seem less sort devices as well as even more like an expansion of your hand.

The Granton blade, additionally referred to as a hollow side or fluted side, features hollowed-out grooves or dimples on both sides on the blade. Depending upon exactly what is being cut, these grooves will certainly loaded with juices or create pockets of air, which prevents food from staying with the blade and also develops much less rubbing to enable less complicated motion when slicing or slicing. Despite having the grooves, these are still straight-edge blades and can be refined with a developing steel, so they could stay razor sharp in all times. The tapered blade edge is ground in two instructions to hold a sharp side much longer, and also could quickly be brought back to its initial sharpness.

An all-purpose cook’s blade is a crucial tool in every kitchen area. The Victorinox 8 Inch Swiss Classic Chef’s Knife with Granton Blade takes it one action additionally, supplying additional functionality. Ideally weighted with high-grade, light-weight European steel that decreases hand and wrist tiredness, this blade fits even after expanded use in the home kitchen area. Flawlessly suited for chopping or dicing onions, beets, or potatoes, mincing shallots, squashing garlic on the side of the blade, and also slicing meats of all selections, particularly ham, smoked salmon, roasts as well as poultry. Its flexibility will quickly make it your go-to knife.

At 8 inches, this knife supplies the heft needed to complete larger jobs easily, while still allowing for perfect ability to move on smaller sized tasks that a larger, bulkier knife may not be able to achieve as quickly. The total shape of the blade, with a long, sloping curve, lends itself to “rocking” effectively, enabling one to dice and also cut effortlessly, while the flat spinal column allows you to pleasantly weigh down on the blade when additional power is needed to slice through hard-skinned items like acorn, or butternut squash.

Whether an experienced, or novice residence cook, Victorinox Swiss Army offers not only the right devices as well as the knowledge, however most significantly, the self-confidence to accomplish one’s cooking goals. Expertly crafted in Switzerland considering that 1884, Victorinox provides a lifetime assurance against flaws in product and workmanship.

Please NOTE that this item ships with the International product number 6.8083.20 on the blade as well as not 6.8083.20 US1, but coincides 8″ Swiss Traditional Chef’s Blade with Granton Blade.

Previously Forschner
In 1937 Victorinox began offering flatware in America through a Connecticut distributor called R.H. Forschner & Co. A well-known maker of butcher ranges, Forschner quickly became the exclusive UNITED STATE supplier for Victorinox knives, and was the name through which Victorinox blades were known.

In 2011 Victorinox started marketing all its product lines, including kitchen blades, under the usual umbrella name whereby the business is now commonly known– Victorinox Swiss Army.

Care and also Use
Excel to your blades as well as they’ll be good to you. Complying with these easy guidelines will certainly guarantee that you obtain the longest life from your blade!

Hand Laundering
Victorinox Swiss Army advises cleaning all blades by hand. For ideal results, hand wash your knives with a soapy fabric as well as completely dry right away.

Dish washer
While Swiss Classic knives are dishwasher safe, we recommend hand washing as dishwashers are created to spray water at a reasonably high pressure, which can jostle the cutlery and create the blades to collide, dulling the edge.

Preserving your Blade’s Side
For maximum efficiency, blades need to be honed after every few uses. Appropriate and also frequent use a honing steel will maintain your knives sharper and also executing at their ideal, however bear in mind that a sharpening steel will not develop a dull knife. Developing steels are maintenance tools and are made use of in order to help maintain a currently sharp blade from weakening. Throughout usage, a knife edge ends up being rolled or turned from direct contact with cutting boards, bones or various other tough items. In this situation, refining is required to straighten out the side of the knife. After significant use, the steel bits end up being harmed as well as the side could not be restored by refining, so developing is required. If your knives are boring, pitted, or you see noticeable nicks on the reducing side, you’ll have to sharpen with a Swiss Sharp Portable Sharpener (49002) or bring to a specialist for re-sharpening.

Background as well as Heritage
In 1884, Master Cutler Karl Elsener opened a cutlery store in Ibach, Switzerland. There, he and the cutlers’ union he formed produced the finest steel cutlery, do with the now-famous exclusive side preferred globally by expert and also residence cooks. In 1891, Karl provided the Swiss Army with its conventional issue Soldier’s Knife and in 1897 with the Police officer’s Blade. In 1921, after the fatality of his mother, Victoria, as well as with the arrival of stainless steel, then referred to as “inoxydable” as well as utilized in the production of his flatware, Karl altered the name of the firm to Victorinox. It is from those humble starts that an around the world icon was born.

Today, Victorinox is still had as well as run by the Elsener family, and also both the business as well as family still lives in the little village of Ibach, Switzerland.

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  • Multipurpose chef’s knife designed for chopping, mincing, slicing, and dicing with razor sharp, laser-tested, tapered knife edge, which is ground to form an exacting angle, to hold a sharp edge longer and ensure maximum cutting performance and durability
  • Granton blade creates pockets of air, which prevent food from sticking to the blade and creates less friction, allowing for easier motion
  • Contemporary handle inspired by our Fibrox Pro line is textured, ergonomic, and slip-resistant and is paired with lightweight European steel for a perfectly balanced design
  • The same blade used by professionals with a handle that suits the needs of home chefs
  • Expertly crafted in Switzerland since 1884; designed for professionals who use knives all day, every day; lifetime warranty against defects in material and workmanship

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